Drilling down into
unconventional solutions

Countdown to Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2014 - 25 & 26 March 2014 =

Why Unconventional Gas?


Aberdeen’s second Unconventional Gas Conference will be a unique event addressing issues central to the growth in international unconventional gas developments covering Shale Gas, Tight Gas and Coal Bed Methane.

This two day conference will unite global industry and stakeholders to tackle the opportunities and challenges that need to be overcome to maximise the potential from unconventional gas.

The prize could be huge, but the resource by its very nature can be difficult to access. Some regions present attractive and well established fiscal regimes, land pricing and clear mineral ownership, while others are less mature and legal, technology, infrastructure and environmental challenges have to be resolved.

As the world looks to the US, Canada and Australia where more than 20% of energy supplies come from unconventional sources, all indications show that Europe, China, India and the Middle East have significant unconventional resource potential. With more than 50 shale wells being drilled in Poland by majors and independents alike, the time is right to extend and enliven the conversation around common challenges and shared solutions.  This will ultimately strengthen energy security, unlocking new economical energy sources.

This year's conference brings together international experts to share emerging findings from groundbreaking research, real successes and lessons learned from international developments.

The event will highlight the opportunities for oil and gas companies to transfer skills and knowledge to take advantage of the unconventional developments planned in Europe and further afield.