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About the inaugural Unconventional Gas Conference, held in Aberdeen 2011


The World Energy Council predicts that, by 2050, the world will have to double today’s level of energy supply to meet increased demand. Despite investment in alternative energy, fossil fuels will still dominate the global energy supply matrix for the foreseeable future.


As natural gas is poised to be the bridge between today’s oil-based economies and tomorrow’s sustainable energy sources, investment in unconventional gas sources worldwide has reached unprecedented levels.


The inaugural Unconventional Gas Conference Aberdeen in 2011 was a unique event addressing issues central to the growth in international unconventional gas developments covering Shale Gas, Tight Gas and Coal bed methane. The conference consisted of a series of keynote addresses by experts from the operating community, technology providers, research institutions, energy analysts and legal and financial houses. In particular, the conference examined the transition from offshore-based operations to onshore unconventional gas extraction, highlighting the exciting untapped business development opportunities for companies across the spectrum of the oil and gas supply chain.


The conference took place in Aberdeen, the city at the heart of the North Sea oil and gas industry. World-leading capabilities in disciplines key to unconventional gas extraction such as reservoir modelling, reservoir stimulation, extended reach and horizontal drilling, and well completions technology are found in abundance in this global hub.


Plans for the 2014 conference are underway so have a look at the programme page for details of the speakers secured to date.